Digital Natives: string drawing performance

Finally, we brought our explorations into the third dimension with a room-sized string drawing. I had intended to document the performance and discard the string at the end of the class, BUT, the students wove it very tightly and worked out a way to suspend it from the ceiling. I can't imagine the space without the string, which became the perfect finishing touch.

Digital Natives: Installation Views

The collagraphs became the centerpiece of the exhibit with dozens of monoprints pulled from them lining the walls. Additional layers of organization were added to the prints by drawing, and later, collage.

Digital Natives: collagraphs

Intended to serve as plates for our printing process, the collagraphs themselves became increasingly complex and interesting as they accumulated a residue of paint.

Digital Natives: collaborative printing

Using glue and string, we drew diagrams of our communication patterns on boards. When these were dry, we gathered up leftover cans of latex paint, supplemented with some acrylic paint, and using paint-roller sponges, "inked" our plates and pulled multiple prints from each one. Boards, prints, paints and people all moved around the room in a collaborative swirl. We shared techniques and materials as we developed our multi-layered prints.